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What is OPEN Scotland?

NEWS: The OPEN Scotland network is currently inactive and looking for a home in Scotland! If you are interested in helping to manage, build or support the network - please get in touchIf you are interested in philosophy in schools, you can still explore the great resources on the site.

OPEN Scotland is a community of people interested in doing and teaching philosophy outside of the university – in schools, in cafes, in pubs, prisons, arts centres, community organisations, and at public events across Scotland. OPEN stands for Online Philosophy and Education Network. A network OPEN for all! 

Who are we?


The members of OPEN Scotland come from all over Scotland and beyond. Our members include teachers, students, parents, academics from across disciplines including philosophy, psychology, and education, public philosophers, education specialists, and many others. The one thing that unites our members is an interest in exploring, discussing, and promoting the value of philosophy in the classroom and the wider world.

What do we do?

What do we do? provides an online gathering place for coordinating and communicating events of interest to the network, sharing resources, ideas and experiences of teaching philosophy in schools and doing philosophy outside of the university. The network puts members in touch with one another, allowing them to share events, activities, academic outreach work, and research. Members of OPEN Scotland also meet ‘offline’ to do all of the above and more!


If you want to know what events and projects are taking place in Scotland to promote philosophy in schools and outside of the university, or are interested in learning more about philosophy in schools, public philosophy, or the philosophy of education, this is the place to be.

Who are we?

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