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SAPERE P4C resources: Now open access!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

SAPERE: Philosophy for Children, Colleges, Communities have recently made their P4C resources open access for anyone to use.

You can access the SAPERE P4C resources here.

From the SAPERE website:

You no longer need to log in to get access to our P4C resources. As part of our commitment to supporting high-quality and sustainable P4C practice, we produce a range of P4C resources. These include our Level 1 and Level 2 Course Handbooks, our Getting Started Guide, and our Philosophy for Children (P4C) Resource Database. (Please note that the database is currently hosted on our old website.)

The database includes recommended reading, stimulus material, links and downloadable resources. You can search by age range/key stage, topic or theme and resource type. The database is added to regularly. If you have suggestions for material to include, please let us know on

You can also find some suggested P4C stimuli for each key stage.

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