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What is a Question: An activity to inspire curiosity!

Download the activity and a print version of the questionnaire.

What is it: This is an activity for teachers who want to inspire deep, curious and creative thinking in students. It is designed to help teachers and students dig down into one of the most fundamental aspects of philosophical thinking – asking questions. It will help students to think more deeply about questions and be more confident asking their own questions.

Who is it for: This activity is designed for 11+ students. It may be especially useful for work with older students and it also works well with adults (e.g. as a training activity or as an introduction to philosophical teaching in schools). Teachers with experience running philosophical activities in the classroom will be able to adapt this activity for younger children.

How long will it take: The activity takes 30-45 minutes (Parts 1-3). Part 4 is an add-on that can run as part of the activity or separately. Part 4 takes 15 minutes. Part 5 offers optional follow-on reading.

Download the activity and a print version of the questionnaire.

This activity is based on research conducted by Dr Lani Watson at the University of Edinburgh. Find out more about Lani's reasearch on questions and curiosity in education at

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